Money Sites Max Review – How To Make Money Sites That Earn Quick Cash

Money Sites Max Review Specialty Courses

Money Sites Max Review Specialty Courses

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Welcome to my Money Sites Max Review. If you’re looking for the official Money Sites Max website, click the link below:

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I have tried many different programs similar to Money Sites Max in the past. Some have proven worthy of my purchase and some have fallen short on their promises. Having gone through some many different money making programs, I feel qualified enough to offer you my opinion on Money Sites Max by Jason Drohn.

There are certain things that I’ve come to believe are essential in an honest, legitimate “make money online” program. One being that the program creator is currently using the same strategies that he/she teaches. Second, is that as a student you have direct access to the creator via email, Skype, or phone. Not very many programs will even come close to meeting these two minimum standards.

Continue reading for my Money Sites Max Review, and see if Jason Drohn’s Money Sites Max can pass my test.

Money Sites Max Review – What’s It All About?

Money Sites Max was created by Jason Drohn. It is a combination of Money Site Secrets and several other programs that Jason has created. He’s put them all together now versus selling them individually.

What you will find inside Money Sites Max

  • 2 Core programs – Money Sites Secrets and Page Hijack
  • 9+ specialty courses – Local Money Matrix, Rapid Fire Formula, DigiDiamonds, List Building Crash Course, Direct Site Buys, Quick Copy Course.
  • 4 “Mini” Courses – Text Message Mayhem, Time Shaping, Team Building Blueprint, App Fortunes.
  • 12+ Sniper and Money Reports
  • Access to the two live weekly “Office Hours Coaching” calls and archives**
  • Plus Bonus Downloads, Reports, and other helpful Resources

The weekly Money Sites Max “office call” webinars are hosted and conducted by Jason himself. This allows you direct access to the man behind the entire program. Remember, this was one of the essential elements that I believe to be vitally important in an honest, legitimate work from home business.

Money Sites Max Review – What I Liked

The Money Sites Max course contains several different business opportunities all within one membership area. I like that Jason doesn’t make you purchase each program separately. As I said before, I have purchased and tested many different “make money online” programs and it can get quite expensive when you have to purchase them piece-meal.

Jason uses these same techniques and strategies to make money online. He follows the same steps and makes money sites of his own. Granted he may out-source some of the more time consuming tasks, but he still follows the same guidelines as he teaches. The great thing about this, is that when something stops working or Google releases another update, Jason knows about it and let’s his students know what’s going on and how to remedy it.

I really liked the fact that Jason Drohn makes himself available to his students through email, Skype and by phone. It is a rare thing for someone, especially a highly successful internet marketer to make himself so transparent. I think that speaks volumes about Jason’s character and integrity.

Another thing that impressed me about Money Sites Max was the cost. Most training courses of this caliber are far more expensive. Some other courses that are not nearly as involved can run you close to a thousand dollars a month! Unless, you are already wealthy, I suggest you stay away from those, at the moment.

Money Sites Max Review – What I Didn’t Like

The one thing that I disliked about Money Sites Max was that it used to be all broke up. You had to buy each course separately. For example; if you bought Money Site Secrets, you had to purchase Page Hijack separately.

By combining the two and adding several extra mini courses and specialty courses, I feel that Money Sites Max is giving you a much better value. I’m glad to see that they put the well-being of the students above their desire to make money.

Some of you may feel over-whelmed when you first step inside Money Sites Max. You may wonder where to start first. Well, my best advice is to follow the directions that Jason gives you. I have found his material to be very step by step and easy to follow.

Money Sites Max Review – Overall Opinion

Let’s recap my review of Money Sites Max. When I started out, I mentioned two very important things that are essential to an honest, legitimate home business. The first being that the creator of the program should use it themselves. Well, Jason meets that standard. When he finds something that works and makes money, why would he stop doing it?

Second, I feel that it is vital to your success that you are able to contact the creator of any “make money online” training program directly. Nothing is more frustrating than to buy a course or join a program, get stuck on something and then have to wait days to get an answer through a support desk. Money Sites Max does have a support desk, but you also have the ability to contact Jason personally via Skype, email or phone.

Overall, I think that Money Sites Max is a solid foundational program and that anyone who commits to it has a much greater chance of being successful. It appears that you have all of the tools and training that you need to make money sites from scratch, get them ranking and convert that traffic to income. I also see the ability to grow and expand your business with all the tools and techniques included.

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